About Us

About Us

We believe that academic digitalization can work wonders. With ilmzone, we strive to make digital education accessible, affordable, and convenient for everyone. More specifically, Ilm zone connects those who have expertise in a particular field to those who need to learn it. With topic-based assistance and an array of peer-reviewed courses, ilmzone is paving the way to enhance educational accessibility in Pakistan.

Mission-What do we strive for

Ilmzone strives to become a marketplace that brings builds on convenience, innovation, and independence for those who need to learn something and those who can teach them.

Vision- Where do we see Ilmzone

Our vision is to pioneer academic digitalization and independence in Pakistan in years to come. We wish ilmzone to evolve into an innovative solution for educational assistance and sustainable income support for skilled youth of Pakistan.”

How are we different

We are different because our model builds on the idea of ultimate independence. By introducing a topic-based assistance service in the market, along with live course, we have eradicated the demerits of the traditional model of tuition/ academic coaching, duration, time, and resource dependency. We offer:

  • A choice from serval experts who bit on your query.
  • Control over the period and time slot you like to study.
  • Control over your budget
  • A platform to teach and earn




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