How to Refund

How do I Find a tutor?

There are two ways you can find an ideal tutor at ILMZone. You can either search for the tutor’ profile in the tutor’s section, or you can post a job and invite applications. Here are how both options work:

If you decide to look for an ideal tutor yourself, click on the tutor’s section in the top brand. There are multiple filters to help you find the best candidate to learn from. These filters include subject, grade, and board. You can also choose to view only the verified tutors.

If you choose to post a job and get applications from various eligible tutors, simply login to your student/ guardian account and go tuition section. Here, you can see the option to post a tuition. After posting, your job will start getting applications from eligible tutors. You can review the tutor and the availability to book the slot.

What if I don't find a tutor helpful?

ILMZone aims at creating a space where everyone gets the value that they are looking for. All lessons at ILMZone are protected by ILMZone escrow. There is no refund in place for lessons already attended. For lessons missed or skipped due to some reason, Students can request a refund for the lesson up to 5th working day. The refund request is then forwarded to the tutor for review. If accepted, the funds are immediately credited into your wallet.

If the tutor refuses to accept the refund, the student has an option of filing a dispute against the transaction with ILMZone. Please note that in case of dispute, the decision of ILMZone dispute specialist will be considered final.

How can I Post a job?

Posting a tuition job in ILMZone is super easy. Please follow the given steps

Once you post the job, it will be visible to all tutors on ILMZone. Tutors can apply on the job if they see it as a good fit. After the review from our administration, your job will be visible on the platform. You will receive profiles of interested tutors via email and in your profile. From here, you can view, evaluate, and choose your ideal candidate.

How can I supervise my child as a guardian?

We understand that as parents/ guardians, supervising your child’s education is super important. ILMZone has thus, introduced a guardian profile. A guardian profile is introduced to provide parents/ guardian full independence to choose what they see best for the minor. By signing up as a guardian and adding your child’s account as minor, you can do the following things:

While being added as minor, the student cannot perform transaction of any sort through the student account. All major activities will be executed through guardian account.

How can I request a refund?

Student/guardian can request a refund until after 5 days after the scheduled lesson. Steps to file a refund are:

For more information on refund and dispute process, please see our policies here.

How can I pay for a lesson?

ILMZone offers multiple channels to pay for lessons and Courses. You can choose to pay through your debit/ credit card, Jazz Cash or Foree pay, or your ILMZone wallet to pay for your courses and lessons.

To pay through your credit/ debt card, enter your Billing information in your profile. This way you can choose your card to pay at the checkout.

To pay through wallet, you can either top up your wallet using your credit/ debit card or simply go to any TCS location nearby and top up your wallet amount. This amount will be credited into your account after confirmation and can be used to purchase lessons and courses.

What if I cancel the lesson?

Cancellation at the last moment is often troublesome for tutors and the students. You can cancel a lesson at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson.

In case of emergency, you can call our customer care to cancel a lesson on your behalf. You can cumulatively cancel or rescheduling lessons up to three times in a month.