Course Creation and Approval

Course Creation and Approval Process

ILMZone offer tutors to set up pre-designed courses on ILMZone. These courses tend to cover a specific subject, grade, or topic. Courses offer a great way for tutors to teach many students at the same time and offer great value.

Course Format

ILMZone offers courses in multiple formats. The formats are listed below

In this format. You set a timeline (say three weeks for example) and schedule lessons every day for that selected timeline. Each section in the outline is shown as a day. Each section in a day has quiz, activities and resources covered in a day.

This format has only one section in the course. This format is ideal for seminars, introductory sessions, and single-topic courses. This course can be one day long.

These courses list section by week. In this format, tutors make a timeline of contents that the students will cover in a week’s time. This format is ideal for longer and more detailed courses where topic may take a day or two to finish

Course Creation

Course creation process is simple and requires you to enter all relevant information that is necessary for students to enroll in the course. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Getting to the right page refund-image
Step 2: Adding General information

You will start the course creation by adding general information about the course. This information includes:

Step 3: Adding Duration Information

In this step, you will add the information related to time and duration of the course. Information includes:


This step is the most important and requires careful curation of course outline. You will enter the course outline by the week. In the outline, it is important to list the course content that will be covered in each week in appropriate level of detail.

Step 5: Add pricing and prerequisite information

In this section, you will provide information regarding the price of your course. You will add the following information:

In addition to the pricing information, you will also add any perquisites that are mandatory to take the course. Some prerequisite examples are:

Step 6: Adding Media and SEO information

Adding explanatory media files, meta keywords and description help your course rank in search engines. This helps you gain more visibility and better sales. Some things that you can add in this section are:


In the next step, the course gives you an option to include short quiz in your course to gauge its effectiveness

Course review

After adding the course, your course will undergo an extensive review process. ILMZone strives to maintain high quality content on its platform that provides great value to students and tutors. The Course review can take up to 3 Working days. The administration reviews the course outline and carefully observes each aspect of the course. The following steps are included in the course review process: