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Sign-up Process-tutors

Ilmzone is a marketplace that can connect you to several people who can use your expertise. Registering as a tutor on Ilmzone is easy and takes less than ten minutes. Follow these three simple steps and complete your profile registration.

Step 1: Go to and click the Sign-up tab.


Step 2: Select Tutor in the menu and enter your date of birth, Name, Email, and password to complete the sign-up process.


Once you hit the sign-up tab, your registration will be successful.

Profile setting

After creating, it is essential to set up your profile. Follow these steps to complete your profile setup. Following these steps will help you optimize your profile for a seamless tutoring experience.

Step one: Getting onto the profile builder.

After Signing into your new profile, click the menu under your name and go to account settings.

Step two: Step two: Enter relevant information

After landing on the profile building page, you must enter the reverent information. Required steps include: